8 Changes Duolingo Made for Easier Language Learning in 2022

Kenneth Palmer

Duolingo, a 2022 CNET Editors’ Selection award winner, has now built learning a new language enjoyable and reasonably pressure-free. In the drop, Duolingo debuted a fresh redesign that aims to make language acquisition even easier. I took the app’s new look for a spin forward of launch. 

And don’t fret, Duo the owl is still there. He is normally there. 

Duolingo’s redesigned property screen is a winding route as a substitute of a rigid skill tree. 


The very first point you can detect in the redesign is a new home screen, which replaces Duolingo’s classic skill tree with a map. When I experimented with the refreshed layout, I was able to simply decide up the place I still left off in the travel unit. The app’s new capabilities increase its gamification, lessening the stress to complete units.

The map’s winding route structure also provides a assurance strengthen when you scroll back up through accomplished lessons. In its place of the talent tree’s rigidity, the path-like style helps make finishing lessons in Duolingo truly feel extra like a journey. As you progress as a result of models, you’ll see vintage Duolingo people with new animations that emphasize their unique personalities: You may spot Lily offering you a sarcastic side-eye or Oscar meticulously pruning a plant.

Each and every circle on the path represents a lesson in the device. Completing all the quizzes in a lesson closes the progress bar and unlocks the following lesson. The redesign also replaces the crown levels with 1 steady development ring, which declutters the application. 

After you complete all the device classes, premium users have the option to attempt for famous status with 8 extra, a lot more tough classes. If you realize legendary standing, it applies to the complete unit instead of just that one lesson.

The lesson content is the very same, but it has been resequenced for exceptional learning. In addition, supplementary material that you usually experienced to look for for in the application is now built into your language discovering route. 

My favored adjust in the redesign? No extra “cracked” expertise. Formerly, if you went too extended without the need of practicing a beforehand mastered lesson, a crack would look in your mastery right until you practiced the lesson again. This was visual encouragement to brush up on aged skills, but my internal completionist struggled to progress to newer units since I would get distracted mending aged lesson stats. 

The new Duolingo also improved incorporates Stories, 1 of my favorite resources in the application. Stories help with comprehension by obtaining you abide by context clues by listening to how a chosen language appears in authentic discussions. The revamped finding out route incorporates this characteristic improved so you will not have to open up a unique part of the application to use the device.

Duolingo has a new and improved guidebook to give you a better plan of what to hope in lessons. 


It is also simpler to accessibility lesson ideas. In the redesign, you can expect to discover a guidebook at the get started of each and every unit that offers a bite-sized, efficient overview of what you can study. Even if you’ve finished a device, you can go back again and perspective the guidebook for a refresh. The app nevertheless has the alternative to tap text to see translations if you need to have them, as well.

The app’s makeover also tends to make your language Plans extra noticeable with a trophy icon at the bottom of the menu. As you total models and lessons, Duolingo exhibits your development towards each day targets and challenges, which feels like an added self confidence boost. If you are subscribed to the high quality tier, or Duolingo Super, you can obtain a Apply Hub — the barbell icon in the base menu — that options weekly exercise tips based on how you might be carrying out in classes. Below you can evaluation mistakes, as nicely as retry pronunciation and listening workout routines.

Over-all, the alterations come to feel like they’re going to make discovering a language even simpler and additional available. Duolingo explained to me that’s by structure. Anton Yu, Duolingo’s product supervisor, mentioned the app’s redesign was shaped by feedback: Customers wanted far more assistance and written content with fewer complexity. 

All new features other than the Follow Hub, endless hearts, legendary status and no adverts will be offered to each free of charge customers and Tremendous subscribers. 

Here’s a closer glimpse at some of the alterations: 

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