CDERLearn Training and Education | FDA

Kenneth Palmer

Stability and Beyond Use Dates CE Credits; Health Care Professionals; Case Study; Podcasts; Videos; Webinars Compounding; Disease States; Drug Development; Drug Regulatory Process; Drug Safety; MedWatch FDA D.I.S.C.O. Burst Edition: FDA approval of Tafinlar (dabrafenib) with Mekinist (trametinib) for pediatric patients with low-grade glioma with a BRAF V600E mutation Health […]

How an e-book is pirated, its implications for the stakeholders, and the extent of the problem

Kenneth Palmer

E-ebook piracy refers to the unauthorized distribution and sharing of copyrighted electronic textbooks with out authorization from the copyright proprietor or publisher. It can choose several kinds, which includes uploading e-guides to file-sharing internet sites, distributing copies by way of e mail, or sharing them on peer-to-peer networks. E-ebook piracy […]

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