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Kenneth Palmer

Have you ever attempted to learn a international language? Some folks would argue that “Texan” is a overseas language, but I assure you, it isn’t. For years, I have taught applications for foreign languages in my choir courses at Hallsville Significant University.

Latin is the most prevalent language I instruct because much of our contest literature is Latin. Latin is the least complicated of languages to learn (in my impression). There are absolutes that, at the time you learn them, make it effortless to learn. Case in point: there are the 5 vowels that we have in the English language. Nevertheless, Latin uses “pure” vowels. We do not dipthong them like vowels in the English language. The vowels in Latin are: a=ah, e=eh, i=ee, o=oh, u=oo.

German is an additional language that has absolutes, and at the time you study them, it is a relatively straightforward language. If there are two vowels collectively, you seem the second vowel. Illustration: “mein” would be pronounced “mine.” Consonants ‘b,’ ‘d,’ and ‘g’ are pronounced like ‘p,’ ‘t,’ and ‘k’ when at the conclusion of a phrase.

We Southerners would argue that English is an straightforward language to study (for the reason that it’s our “native” tongue, so to communicate.) But, I guarantee you, it is not. The most frequent rule we feel we can “abide by” is “I in advance of E, except following C.” Read through through this tiny ditty I located:

I just before e, apart from immediately after c

Apart from when sounded as ‘a’ as in ‘neighbor’ and ‘weigh’

Unless of course the ‘c’ is aspect of a ‘sh’ seem as in ‘glacier’

Or it appears in comparatives and superlatives like ‘fancier’

And also apart from when the vowels are sounded as ‘e’ as in ‘seize’

Or ‘i’ as in ‘height’

Or also in ‘-ing’ inflections ending in ‘-e’ as in ‘cueing’

Or in compound phrases as in ‘albeit’

Or in other numerous and random exceptions these types of as ‘science,’ ‘forfeit’ and ‘weird.’

That’s just 1 rule in discovering the English language. In this article are a couple of far more exceptions that make spelling and pronunciation a nightmare:

The bandage was wound all-around the wound.

The farm was cultivated to make produce.

The dump was so total that the personnel experienced to refuse extra refuse.

He could lead if he bought the guide out.

The soldier decided to desert his delicious dessert in the desert.

When shot at, the dove dove in to the bushes.

I could go on and on. Hats off to our elementary instructors who have to instruct little ones to read through and spell the English language.

Back in the “good ol’ days,” we would have a spelling test every single Friday. You got the list on Monday and studied/utilized/learned the terms all week building up sentences, looking through paragraphs, searching up in a dictionary and composing definitions, etc. I would apply at residence with my mom so that I could make a 100 on my spelling exam on Friday. I’m not sure how points are accomplished these times, but I do know with texting and on the web tools these as autocorrect, little ones are missing out on some principles.

Very little replaces reading, composing and spelling the fantastic outdated fashioned way. I shall under no circumstances be persuaded or else.

So, I will go read a e-book I have examine before and will publish the suitable thoughts down so that although I am right here and others listen to what I say, I can smile and consider back on my fantastic lecturers who taught me this challenging language. They are my heroes, and there are no replacements for their challenging operate.

English… gotta like it!

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