26 Indoor Physical Education Activities To Get You Moving

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Whether the rain has you stuck indoors or you just need fresh ideas for making indoor physical education a little more interesting, this list is your new go-to! You can take outdoor games and make them adaptable to indoors, use traditional games with a new twist, and use physical exercises to bring movement indoors. Most of these simple games and activities don’t require much, but some do call for a few supplies such as yoga mats or hula hoops. Have fun with these 26 activities! 

1. Rock, Paper, Scissors Bean Bag Balance 

This provides a fun PE class idea that’s sure to be a big hit with your students! Kids love to play rock, paper, scissors. As they choose to show the rock, paper, or scissors, the winner collects a bean bag from their opponent’s head. They then add them to the bean bags atop their own head. Competitive students will really love this one! 

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2. Yoga

A young girl doing a seal yoga pose

Great for any age, yoga is a fantastic pick for indoor physical education. Whether basic or more complex, these stretches pose, and moves are a great way to incorporate movement into the classroom. Yoga is a fantastic choice for exercise and learners are sure to have lots of fun as they begin their yoga journey. 

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3. Simon Says 

Especially good for young learners, the classic game of Simon Says is great for an active gym class. Not only does it provide students with plenty of physical movement, but this game also helps them enhance their listening skills and improve their ability to follow directions. 

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4. Human Connect Four

This is the perfect game for teams. You will need a few hula hoops and two groups of students. Colored vests are helpful in being able to distinguish teams as they engage in the human version of Connect Four. The twist is that a member of each team is shooting a basketball until they ring it and their team then adds a new person to the board. It’s the perfect game to encourage teamwork and sportsmanship! 

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5. Indoor Rainbow Golf 

golf activity PE

For kids who enjoy golf, this activity provides a fun spin on the game. Set up colored targets to help students practice their strokes. This is great for all skill levels but will be a great way for students to work on basic putting skills. This engaging game will have students excited to take their turn. 

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6. Scooter Swimming

scooter PE activity

Put a twist on using scooters in the traditional way and have students lie on their stomachs as they use their arms and legs to push themselves around; much like they would do when swimming through water. Bring out a  competitive spirit by making it a race. 

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7. Hula Hut Relay 

Students love building hula hoop huts, but take that a step further and have them do something with it. This activity will enhance the little spatial awareness and brain activity as they will have to consider what to do in order to get through the hut without knocking it down. 

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8. Walking Club 

A walking club is a fun idea for all students. While this can be done indoors or outdoors, you can keep the concept the same. As students make laps, they get their cards punched so you can keep track of how much they walk. This fitness activity is easy to carry out and provides lots of cardio for these active little bodies. 

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9. Indoor Foosball 

Now, here is a fun game for kids to play as either an indoor or outdoor activity. Provide each person with a pool noodle and toss a beach ball into the middle. Use some pop-up goal-posts and teach learners the concept of a foosball table. This will quickly become a favorite for students and even teachers, as it is easy to prep and clean up. 

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10. Cross the River Game 

Another great game for building teams is cross the river. This is an excellent game for practicing communication skills, as students must work with their teams to figure out a plan to cross over the imaginary river. This is a game that will require students to bond together and work with others to come out successful. 

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11. Fitness Bingo 

carousel image 0

Give each student a bingo card and as you call each physical activity from the board students will have to mark it on their card and act out the movement. This is good to use at the beginning of the year and to introduce each activity to students in a fun game-like way. 

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12. Indoor Obstacle Course

Perfect for indoors, this obstacle course leads to heaps of fun and can be reused many times. You can change it up or let the kids design their own obstacle courses. This is a good activity to use to develop control over simultaneous whole-body movements. This could even be a great cardio workout if you have students race through it. 

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13. Spell Your Name Workout 

This is perfect for completion on an individual basis or could even be used to facilitate a fun, full-body workout for the entire class to enjoy together. As each student completes different aerobic activities, they will use the letters from their names to spell out what their exercises should be. 

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14. Bucket Bean Bag Tag 

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Kids enjoy the traditional game of tag, but this game has a twist! Students will wear a belt and bucket around their waist and their peers will try to fill their buckets with bean bags. The faster they can escape their classmates, the better! 

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15. Hopscotch 

Hopscotch game drawn with chalk on the asphalt

Good for indoor or outdoor physical activity, hopscotch is always a winner! This is a great way for younger students to also squeeze in some practice of numbers, letters, or even sight words. This activity can be enjoyed inside if you add some tape to the gym or classroom floor. 

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16. Wall Ball 

Most middle school students know the game of wall ball, but this is a good activity for younger students too. Great for hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, this simple game requires only a ball and a space on a wall. Students can throw and catch, use a paddle or racquet, or rotate with a partner. 

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17. Fitness Jenga 

If you haven’t tried fitness stations, they may be a great addition to your indoor physical education routine. Using tools like these fitness Jenga blocks provide great opportunities to give students quick and easy fitness challenges. They can perform the activities in turns; moving on to something new once they’ve completed the task required at one station. 

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18. Red Light, Green Light 

pe games for kids

Sometimes classics are the best! Playing red light, and green light is a fun way to get kids moving. You’re sure to hear giggles and laughs galore as the students play together and yell out red light, and green light as they sprint across the gym; stopping dead in their tracks along the way. 

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19. Musical Chairs 

indoor pe games

Always a fun time, playing musical chairs can be a great way to encourage students to get up and out of their chairs before racing right back to them. This is a quick and fun activity for students to complete while getting in some physical activity. 

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20. Bowling

Best Active Indoor Activities For Kids | Fun Gross Motor Games and Creative Ideas For Winter (snow days!), Spring (rainy days!) or for when Cabin Fever strikes | Awesome Boredom Busters and Brain Breaks for Toddlers, Preschool and beyond to get their energy out!

Fun bowling games like this one are easy and can provide hours of entertainment and activity. You can use a variety of different materials to play indoor bowling games. Cups and a small ball are really all you need but you can also buy some nice indoor bowling sets. 

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21. Ping Pong Ball Catch

Best Active Indoor Activities For Kids | Fun Gross Motor Games and Creative Ideas For Winter (snow days!), Spring (rainy days!) or for when Cabin Fever strikes | Awesome Boredom Busters and Brain Breaks for Toddlers, Preschool and beyond to get their energy out!

A simple game of catch with a twist, this ping pong ball cup catch is a great activity for kids to do alone or with a partner. All you need is a small ball and a cup. Students can toss their ball into the air and catch it as it falls, or toss the ball to a partner who will catch it in their cup before throwing it back. 

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22. Snowball Throwing Game

Treats, crafts, games and books to help you host a holiday classroom snowman party!

Similar to bowling, this game of snowball toss is a great way to practice aiming and throwing. It’s easy to reassemble using cups and puffy balls and helps students build their strength. 

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23. XO Hop Game 

This fun activity is a great way of exploring different types of movement. Maybe you can have students hop or tip-toe, but whatever you choose, they will be moving around in different ways. Add X’s and O’s onto the floor and have students move from target to target. 

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24. Dinosaur Tag 

Tag is generally fun, but themed versions are even more fun! The majority of young students love dinosaurs, so pretending to be dinosaurs while playing tag is a two-way win! 

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25. Dancing 

Energetic 3 year old Afro-Caribbean girl doing aerobic dancing with her mid 20s mother in living room of family home.

Just dance and freestyle dancing are great ways to get moving! Students can really let loose and get moving with the music. Play some age-appropriate tunes and let students dance or bust out their best moves with their friends. 

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26. Movement Dice

A piece of paper has exercises listed next to each side of a dice (elementary PE games)

Perfect for a variety of movement activities, this activity is fun and different for everyone; and is a great choice for all confidence and fitness levels. This can be an entire circuit or could be in a fitness center or station. This only requires a number cube and a paper key to the activities. 

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