The 10 Best Online Courses to Start a Cybersecurity Career

Kenneth Palmer

Cybersecurity is essential across several industries today, and cybersecurity professionals are highly sought after in today’s tech-centric labor market. Thus, the demand is high, and if you have foundational knowledge in the field, improving your technical prowess and skills will boost your career prospects significantly.

Cybersecurity is rapidly evolving, and you do not want to be caught slacking or left behind. Hence, you must go above and beyond to level up your profession. Here are ten of the best-advanced cybersecurity courses to enroll in and acquire comprehensive training.

1. IFCI Expert Cybercrime Investigators Online Course

This expert course is invested in teaching the most important statistics of cybersecurity and the dynamics of cybercrime. It also analyzes how to respond to cybercrime incidents and forensic acquisitions. Also, you will understand how to efficiently conduct a computer investigation to trace IP or data theft, determine which data is lost, and how to recover them.

Further, you will acquire professional knowledge on hackers’ techniques and how to defend security systems against expert cyber criminals. Beginners who are already skilled in the general protection of internet systems but want to become advanced cybercrime investigators will find this curriculum very helpful. The course is divided into fourteen series and is available on Udemy for $71.76.

2. Advanced Cybersecurity Training, FutureLearn

This nine-week online course offers in-depth training on cybersecurity threats and how to manage them. You will take your cybersecurity knowledge further by learning all about password security issues, attacks, ways passwords are bypassed, and how you can prevent these attacks.

This expert track uses practical examples and scenarios to outline how the biggest cyber threats can be identified and tackled with vital digital security tools. The advanced cybersecurity training course comprises hands-on tests and case studies to help increase your awareness and furnish your network security skills. You can access this course on FutureLearn for $39.

3. Advanced Cybersecurity Program, Stanford School of Engineering

This program goes beyond teaching how to tackle cyberattacks; it instills proactivity in the sense that breaches are mostly preventable. The courses are specially designed for professionals in the cybersecurity field to accelerate their careers.

Also, you will acquire skills crucial to ensuring data privacy from unauthorized disruption, identifying cyber risks and how to respond appropriately, and designing security policies to ensure the privacy of customers’ data. To enroll in this advanced cybersecurity program, you can subscribe to the all-access fee of $2,970 for a year or $495 per online course. This pay guarantees access to six relevant courses, lecture materials, videos, tests, and exams for a year or sixty days.

4. Level (5) Cybersecurity Diploma, Reed

This cybersecurity diploma is available for those interested in thoroughly understanding the important cybersecurity concepts. You have at your disposal lecture materials to facilitate your knowledge of investigation techniques, risk management, security policies, and malware function.

You also get a specialist tutor dedicated to making the learning process enjoyable. The specialist teaches online frauds and fraudsters, defense against cyber crimes, effective cybersecurity tips, and policies. Enhance your career prospect with this self-paced six-series course for the discounted sum of €12 (c.$12.02), and be a professional in about three weeks.

5. Advanced Cybersecurity Concepts, INFOSEC

This course presents a detailed overview of key cybersecurity concepts to improve your technical understanding. These advanced concepts include assembly language, cryptography, risk assessment and management, and popular security frameworks. As a learner, you thoroughly understand security frameworks, Linux, and how to recognize vulnerabilities in security systems and deal with them.

This online training encompasses sound lecture materials, assessments, hands-on labs, and projects. The advanced cybersecurity concepts course is available to tech professionals ranging from cybersecurity consultants to penetration analysts and security analysts and is accessible on INFOSEC for the yearly subscription of $299.

6. Certified Cyber Risk Officer Course, ICT SkillNet

The tutors of this training are committed to equipping students with an overall understanding of cybersecurity, its risks, and risk management. Enrolling in this course guarantees comprehensive knowledge on how to analyze cyber threats, threat intelligence, cyber strategies, and policies to strengthen the security system of your organization.

Furthermore, you get guidance on protecting cyber assets by building and enforcing a strong Cyber risk framework to fight off the unauthorized intrusion of sensitive data. The cyber risk officer course runs for eight weeks, is self-paced, tutor-led, and available for €1,950 (c.$1,952).

7. Python For Cybersecurity Specialization, Coursera

To enroll in this specialist course, it is important that you already have some experience in cybersecurity and Python to make learning easier. In five outlines, you will learn how to use Python to carry out cybersecurity tasks and objectives efficiently.

This course is free; after five months, you will become an expert in developing Python and modifying the same to automate cybersecurity tasks. Python is a widely used programming language and can be quite helpful in establishing defense activities.

8. Diploma in Cybersecurity – Advanced, IBAT

The Diploma in Cybersecurity Advanced Course teaches the fundamentals of cyber defense, ethical hacking, information security, Python scripting, and encryption. The advanced topics will give insight into main concepts in the cyber world, communication with computers to understand the nature of cyber attacks, and how cybercriminals bypass security questions.

It is important to note that this course is based on programming languages; hence, you will gain additional knowledge of popular programming languages like SQL, HTML, and Python. One of the side attractions of this course is that you have access to live sessions with tutors to engage directly. The course costs €5,500 (c. $5,507) and takes about 10 months to be completed.

9. The CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) Certification

This professional certification is for cybersecurity specialists who wish to go beyond the norm by acquiring skills to become professionals. Cybersecurity professionals are trained to implement policies and the most effective data security solutions in complex cyber situations. Graduates of this professional course become proficient in proactively securing security operations within an organization, applying advanced security practices using modern technologies to ensure that an organization is ready for unforeseen attacks.

Enrolling in this course is characterized by access to interactive, hands-on lab experience, video sessions, and growth analytics. This course is highly recommended for advanced level training. To enroll, you must have at least five years of technical security experience and pay the $494 tuition fee.

10. Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense, Redteam

Defense cybersecurity is an important aspect of the cybersecurity profession. Every organization needs the services of a defense cybersecurity expert who is skilled in relentlessly tackling cyber infiltration and data theft. This course teaches the importance of putting in place a competent defense framework as a preventive method.

The academy is committed to training cybersecurity specialists into professionals with sufficient expertise in cyber defense and defense infrastructures. Learners also have access to high-tech infrastructures to learn with. The course is divided into 11 modules and can be completed within 12 months if you invest at least 12 hours weekly.

Start Leveling Up Your Cybersecurity Career

There are countless reasons you should invest in accelerating your career in cybersecurity, considering the competitive advantage it gives you over other cyber specialists. Cybersecurity is ever-expanding, and this overview of each advanced certification will be very helpful in making that professional decision your career needs.

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