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The the vast majority of pupils in most important and secondary instruction in the EU research at the very least one overseas language: in 2020, 96.1{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db} of pupils in principal education, 98.4{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db} of learners in lower secondary and 90.3{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db} in upper secondary training in the EU examined at least a person international language.

In 2020, 60{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db} of pupils in higher secondary normal training (ISCED stage 34)  in the EU analyzed two or a lot more international languages as compulsory subjects or as compulsory curriculum solutions, 1 share issue (pp) far more than in 2019. In higher secondary vocational instruction (ISCED level 35), this share was 35{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}, also 1 pp larger than in 2019. 

In Luxembourg and France, all learners in upper secondary general schooling studied two or extra foreign languages. Romania, Finland and Czechia also registered a large share of learners learning two or additional languages (all 99{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}). These Member States had been adopted intently by Slovakia and Estonia (both 98{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}), Slovenia (96{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}) and Croatia (94{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}). 

Infographic: Pupils studying two or more languages in the EU, 2020 ({af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db} of pupils at upper secondary general and vocacional education)

Source dataset: educ_uoe_lang02

When it arrives to higher secondary vocational education and learning, Romania led as the only Member Point out wherever almost all learners (97{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}) studied two or more international languages in 2020. Finland (89{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}) adopted, with Luxembourg and Poland (each 77{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}) coming upcoming. 

Info is also offered on shares of college students learning no international languages, one particular international language or much more than 1 overseas language and for major and lessen secondary schooling stages.

English leads in normal and in vocational higher secondary education 

In 2020, English was the most usually examined foreign language at the upper secondary common and vocational schooling amount in the EU, with 96{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db} and 79{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db} of college students discovering it, respectively. 

In conditions of basic education and learning, Spanish rated next (27{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}), followed by French (22{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}), German (21{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}) and Italian (3{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}). In addition, Russian was the non-EU language most typically acquired in the EU (3{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}), primarily in Estonia (67{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}) and Latvia (57{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}), adopted by Lithuania (30{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}) and Bulgaria (24{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}).

In vocational instruction, German arrived in second (18{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}), adopted by French (17{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}), Spanish (7{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}) and Russian (2{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}). In this scenario, Russian was learned in Latvia (44{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}), Bulgaria (25{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}) and Cyprus (16{af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db}). 

Bar chart: Most common foreign languages studies by EU pupils ({af0afab2a7197b4b77fcd3bf971aba285b2cb7aa14e17a071e3a1bf5ccadd6db} of pupils at upper secondary general and vocational education, 2020)

Resource dataset: educ_uoe_lang01

For a lot more information and facts:

Methodological notes: 

  • Only international languages analyzed as compulsory topics or as obligatory curriculum choices are included the research of languages when the subject is offered in addition to the bare minimum curriculum are excluded.
  • The knowledge refer to all modern day spoken residing languages that are taught as overseas languages. The studying of classical languages these as Historical Greek and Latin is not provided while they are the supply of lots of contemporary languages and consequently can aid language discovering in typical.
  • Belgium: official point out languages are Dutch, French and German. Luxembourg: official condition languages are French, German and Luxembourgish, but for the purpose of instruction data, French and German are counted as international languages. Finland: based on their mother tongue, college students have to pick involving Finnish and Swedish, both deemed international languages for the reason of education and learning studies.
  • Appropriate up-to-date details on the joint UIS (UNESCO Institute of Studies)/OECD/Eurostat (UOE) knowledge selection and High-quality reports compiled at the place amount can be uncovered in the Instruction administrative metadata file. High-quality reviews incorporate an annex on Provisions for language mastering.

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