9 Online Courses to Get You Started as a Data Analyst

Kenneth Palmer

Today, individuals and organizations produce enormous amounts of data—hence the need to sort them by enlisting data analytics techniques. As a result, data analyst roles are in increasingly high demand.

Data experts collate and analyze data from brand customers to ascertain their preferences and help the organization make smart business decisions. If you are interested in becoming a data analyst, read on to find the best online courses to help you start your career journey.

1. Cloudera Data Analyst Certification

This course is a four-day intensive training on all the essentials of traditional data analytics and business intelligence and the application of the same to data. In other words, this course will furnish you with the necessary skills to access, analyze and transform data sets using SQL and other data languages.

At the end of the program, you will become a professional in sorting databases, processing, and analyzing structured and unstructured data. You’ll also be able to combine and maintain databases, identify data structures, and analyze window functions. The Cloudera learning website makes this course available to data analysts, system architects, business intelligence developers, and database administrators for €1,670 (c. $1,673).

2. Harvard University Business Analytics Course

This curriculum focuses on developing its learners’ data analytics skills, building them in technical and analytical areas, and helping them apply data findings to add valuable insight and advance business decisions.

Enrolled students will learn to develop and test hypotheses, implement analytical techniques, recognize and summarize databases, and analyze data variables, all within eight weeks. Harvard University’s business analytics course is available for $1,750.

3. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, Coursera

Enrolling in this professional training for beginners will help you understand the dynamics of data analytics, key practices, and processes and prepare you to be job-ready in less than six months. The training grooms you in vital data analytics skills, including; data cleaning, data visualization, and data modifications using data tools like SQL, R, and programming tableau.

The course uses practical assessments, technical processes, and interactive videos to simulate real-world business scenarios and how data analytics helps improve business growth and success. You also learn key practices for securely keeping data, the relationship between spreadsheets and data sets, and verifying cleaned data to check for data integrity. This course is free and available on the Coursera Learning website.

4. Business and Data Analysis With SQL, Skillshare

This course comprises 38 in-depth lessons that cover databases, data warehouse design, and how to write queries using a Structured Query Language (SQL). The website spreads out the lessons for you to learn at your own pace, with short lessons and practical projects that reflect likely challenges encountered in data analysis and how to address them.

The course facilitator will teach you management skills, everything you need to know about SQL, operating SQL databases, creating databases from scratch, and more. At the end of this course, you become a proficient SQL user and can fit into any industry while adding value. You can sign up for the seven-day free trial on the Skillshare website.

5. Data Analysis With Excel for Beginners, Cloudswyft Global Systems

This intensive training is in association with Microsoft to teach data analysis from scratch using the key tools of Microsoft Excel. The course, in four outlines, delves into summarizing data by creating database tables with rows and columns in Excel to enable easy access and exploration of data. Organizations use these generated databases for evaluating, organizing, and reporting business performance over time.

Furthermore, Excel data analysis requires learners to understand formulas and how columns and rows work to create meaningful reports and aggregate data. The curriculum is spread across ten weeks and is available on FutureLearn for $39 per month with a seven-day free trial.

6. Data Analysis Using Python, Github

Data Analysis Using Python is a four-part course series on learning how to analyze data using Python programming language. The course teaches basic programming skills in Python, effectively tackling data analysis tasks to increase efficiency and applying Python to data analysis projects. This program is a beginner’s guide to learning data inspection, data visualization, and wrangling in Python.

The fundamentals of Python—Python 3, IPython environs, Jupyter notebook, data analysis packages, reading and writing files in Python alongside weekly assessment tests to analyze scientific data—are at the learner’s disposal. Finally, there’s a project on creating revealing data analysis graded based on effort, accuracy, and fulfillment of all requirements.

7. Become a Data Analyst, Udacity

This course helps learners develop their data analytics skills using Python, SQL, and statistics. The processes include data wrangling, data exploration, data visualization, and applying practical statistics to real business scenarios. Essentially, the expert explores data to find insights into data trends and draw conclusions about the info they contain.

The course runs for 17 weeks and is on Udacity at an affordable fee.

8. Managing Data Analysis, John Hopkins University

Managing data analysis is a course with an extensive curriculum and a convenient schedule. This program provides key skills in analyzing data, managing the process, and directing analytical approaches toward creating effective and practical results.

Upon completion, you will have gained in-depth knowledge of data sets and databases, basic data analysis iteration, communication and interpretation of data feedback within an organization, and exploratory data analysis. The online website has well-organized content with interactive videos, reading materials, and helpful videos to facilitate your learning process. This course is week-long and available for free.

9. Springboard Data Analytics Course

This four-week course does not require previous experience in the field. It develops learners from scratch, teaching all the basics of data analytics to help them understand how analytics improves decision-making.

Springboard data analytics is mentor-based to provide accurate guidance through identifying insights and learning how to make predictions for the foreseeable future. Further, the mentors will coach you on connecting data using SQL and visualize data with basic Python examples that will help you learn fast and communicate your analysis. Tuition is a one-off sum of $349.

Get Started on Your Data Analytics Journey

Finally, if you need further convincing on why you should enroll in a data analytics course, note that almost every industry needs the services of a data analyst expert. Thus, you can’t be stranded. Also, due to the high demand for experts in this field, the salary is on a constant rise.

Even better, you become a core and vital member of every organization as you influence the decision-making process of the organization. These courses are highly recommended, worth your time and effort, and will prepare you for future career roles.

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