Secretary Antony J. Blinken At an English Language Learning Event

Kenneth Palmer

SECRETARY BLINKEN:  Perfectly, initially, thank you for letting me sign up for your class these days.  Now, I was listening extremely meticulously to the 1st dilemma, about what would you do if you have been president what are the hard sections, what are the straightforward parts.  I have a possibility to sit with the president of Uzbekistan later today.  I took pretty good notes in my head, so I’m likely to be in a position to share with him some of your thoughts.  But not just with him also, when I go back again to Washington and I see President Biden, I’m going to share your concepts with him far too.  Simply because I heard some extremely, really excellent suggestions – and thank you.

And I’ll also tell the two of them that you fully grasp that it is not often effortless remaining president, due to the fact you have to make challenging conclusions, and sometimes you have to stability what one person would like versus what another man or woman wants.  So it’s not generally straightforward.  But thank you for sharing all those concepts.

And to all of you, it is just fantastic to be – to be right here with you.  When I was about – likely about your age, it’s possible a minor bit more youthful, and in my circumstance I moved to a further nation – I moved from the United States to France and I had to master French, so I try to remember very well what it’s like to study yet another language.  But it’s a fantastic issue simply because it just opens your mind to various – to unique issues.  We had been conversing about some of the unique publications that you like to read in English.  And I’m really pleased that we’re in a position to help share English with you, simply because a person of the realities now in this moment in record – and it was distinct prior to and it will in all probability be distinctive in the long run – but at minimum appropriate now, English is almost certainly the intercontinental language.  When individuals do small business together, they ordinarily talk in English.  If you are on the net, which is probably not these a fantastic thought, it is frequently in English.  A lot of the new music, the films – in English. 

And so it is a superb capacity to have to speak English, to have an understanding of English, and it is a little something that we are quite, pretty delighted to share.  We’re functioning right here in Uzbekistan not only to assistance instruct English, but also, primarily, to enable coach lecturers in English.  And I believe to day we’ve properly trained virtually 10,000, and now there are English-language university textbooks in about 10,000 faculties here in Uzbekistan.  In several ways, English is the most essential export from the United States to other nations around the world. 

But I’m so glad that each individual of you – and boy, my – I never think – I really don’t imagine I would be in a position to say what you’ve stated in English, hardly ever thoughts in a – for you, in a next language when I was your age.  It’s superb, and I’m just very grateful to every single of you for sharing with me right now.  And I wish you incredibly very good luck in your scientific studies. 

Thank you for allowing us fall into your classroom.

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